Calendar & Timetable 2020/201

Calendar & Timetable 2020/201

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Birman Academic Year 2020/201 Calendar

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News August 2020

Dear BIRMAN Family members,

A very warm welcome to our first Newsletter August 2020 and to our new Academic Year 2020-2021. We hope that this year brings to all our students new knowledge, enjoyment, confidence, innovation, achievement and success. We embark on this journey to completing the IGCSE Syllabus, and we encourage you to make the most of your time with BIRMAN Centre and commit to working hard and attaining your full potential.Your experience will be what you make it and your opportunities will only be limited by the limits you place on yourself!

We also believe you must work on improving skills such as time management, note-taking, following detailed instructions carefully, revising and preparing for formative and summative assignments and tests, given throughout the year. Please do not be afraid to ask because as teachers we are here to support and guide you.

Remember to make it a superb year for yourselves, your family and for
BIRMAN Centre.

Thank you.

Ms Maha Elamin