How to join an online course

easy, fast and possible with a phone, tablet and Laptop


Cisco Webex

We decided to use Webex because it allows you to dowload the software on any computer. Furthermore, it also works on any smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need to worry about when you join the class is that your device is fully charged and that you have a working internet connection that will be sufficient for the entire duration of the class.

How to use Webex

Video Tutorial

You just need to watch a video tutorial which is barely 3 minutes long and you are ready to join your online class.

Join the class


You will receive an Email (make sure you also check your spam folder) prior to the class, now you just have to click the link as shown in the video tutorials and you will be able to join the online class.

Please do not join the online class with your video feed and microphone turned on. As you know the internet bandwith in your country fluctuates, so please make sure to turn off your video & microphone broadcast and just join, making sure your speaker is working and volume is adjusted.

NO VPN App/Client needed

Please do not use a VPN while you attend the online class

Please make sure to watch a short video tutorial

Laptop / Computer


IOS (iPhone)

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