What makes us different...?

Enter to learn, leave to achieve

Our values and ethos are making learning fun and easy, being open, challenging and motivational. Pay us a visit and see for yourself, or browse through our links, galleries, our updates and share in our forums. You can also volunteer or donate to charities we work with. Promote, facilitate, and offer a helping hand to those who are in need of assistance in our country.  

Our students have gone on to achieve outstanding results, and have engaged positively into the wider community with a passion. Be part of the BIRMAN family where you are all welcome benefit from the opportunity to study here. This truly is our mission and motto, ‘Enter to learn, Leave to achieve’. 

Why choose us...?

Because we care about you

  • High student satisfaction ratings with all students, to be recognised as an outstanding educational community (annual satisfaction surveys conducted).
  • One of the top centres in the country for IGCSE high passes (3 years exam results).
  • Our courses are designed in a way to allow close continuous and accurate assessment in throughout the academic year and within short courses.
  • We offer the largest amount of subject choices for IGCSE preparation (18 subjects in total). 
  • You will learn from highly professional and skilled tutors, as well as helpful admin (the BIRMAN family).

Some more reasons to choose us...

We believe in giving back to the community and helping others
  • We nurture and encourage positivity, respect, tolerance, talents and ambition. 
  • We will welcome you, help you settle in, ensure you’re on the right course, offer advice and guidance for future courses and further study options/careers.
  • We have a great venue that has well equipped classrooms, and a recreational open space, a canteen and library.
  • We offer competitions and other edutainment activities that promote and encourage learning (participating in competitions and quizzes helps develop learning and builds confidence).
  • We offer diverse skills workshops during weekends and holidays (eg. Drama, art, creative writing, music, handcrafts etc.).

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